Acts Customs Brokerage offers the following services

Customs Brokerage

We represent importers and exporters in dealings with customs. We are responsible for obtaining and submitting all documents for clearing merchandise through customs, arranging inland transport, and coordinating payment for all charges related to these functions.

Global Trade Management

We specialize in processing Customs documentation for goods importing to and exporting from the United States.

International Trade Agreements

The rules of international trade continue to change as they adjust to the world's economy. Staying current on the rights and obligations under international trade agreements introduce challenges to the flow of trade. Implementing up-to-date changes and procedures is imperative.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is more for 'own goods' and is directed towards companies like manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers etc. Freight insurance is more for the couriers, haulers and freight forwarders that transport a third party's goods.

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